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Photo by Stacy Milbouer

Kathy Seward MacKay spent much of her career as a news photographer, including ten years with The Nashua Telegraph in southern New Hampshire and five years as a regular freelancer for The Boston Globe. She has also contributed to newspapers and magazines around the country. The death of her husband from HIV-and hepatitis-tainted blood products propelled her into her life's work—telling the horrific stories of corporate missteps, FDA regulatory failure, and betrayals on so many levels that killed tens of thousands of people with hemophilia. She's currently working on her memoir, Unacceptable Risk, ­­a narrative of the tainted blood tragedy through the eyes of a wife, widow, photographer, and activist.
Her first book on the subject is a photographic documentary titled, Dying in Vein: Blood, Deception ... Justice, in which she collaborated with writer Stacy Milbouer. The work, published by Hollis Publishing Company, earned  honorable mentions in the medical reporting category from the Independent Publishers Book Awards and the Eric Hoffer Book Award. A photograph of Kathy's son at his father's grave won first place in the Gordon Parks Photography Competition. Her Dying in Vein portfolio earned her an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. It was the second time she received the honor. Photographs from the book have appeared in two television documentaries. While working on her memoir, she is also updating Dying in Vein.

After leaving the news business, Kathy taught high school photography and led technology workshops for children and adults. A native of Belle Mead, New Jersey, and a thirty-five-year New Hampshire resident, she has two grown sons and now lives in South Florida with her husband and nearby family members.