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Photos and Reader Comments - Dying in Vein

"This book is a testament to the great strength and terrible suffering of so many innocent hemophiliacs victimized by the outrageous conduct that caused so many to be unfairly infected with HIV and HCV. Your work is extraordinarily powerful and moving and is the most popular work in our firm's main reception area, where we display it proudly."
- Fabrice N. Vincent, Attorney, San Francisco, CA


"Milbouer has related the heart-breaking stories of these people with humane professionalism to match the depth of MacKay's photographs. Bouchard's book design knits the parts into a moving whole. Readers will see extraordinary survival spirit in those who could be our neighbors."                                                 - Steve Sherman, Keene Sentinel


"Dying in Vein recognizes with unparalleled clarity the harsh realities of the oft-ignored corporate aspects of medicine and how they, like corporate sectors everywhere, often give profit precedence over healthcare. Overall, it is a scarring portrait of life and resilience that is at once an exploration of the tragic consequences of unchecked corporate greed as well as a testimony to the tenacity of those innocent souls most directly victimized by its voracious appetite for profits."
- Ribhi Hazen, MD, Harvard University